HeroBook Gift Guide

Not sure which HeroBook to buy as a gift? Use this handy guide!

In a game of D&D, there are two types of people: players who control a single character of their creation, and game masters (also called dungeon masters) who serve as a combination of lead storyteller and referee. 

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Gifts for Players: HeroBook

The original player character notebook is the ultimate gift for a savvy D&D player. With a reusable character sheet, 5th edition rules, references & tools, all in a deluxe notebook, the lucky recipient will be the envy of everyone at their gaming table. Don't forget a set of our high-quality accessories, including fine-point erasable pens, cleaning cloths, and matching dice sets for the ultimate gift.


Gifts for Game Masters: HeroBook GM

HeroBook GM makes an incredible gift for any game master, whether they're a battle-hardened veteran or new to the hobby. Inside they'll have the ultimate toolkit for 5E game masters, including a reusable party tracker, and a monstrous hoard of rules, resources, tables, and tools, all in a deluxe notebook. Don't forget to pick up a high-quality erasable pen, cleaning cloth, and matching dice set for maximum gift points.


Gift Cards

Not sure what they'll like best, or want to let them pick their HeroBook and accessories themselves? Give the gift of a shopping spree with a Material Components gift card and make sure your lucky recipient gets exactly what they want!